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Banking & Financial System

Mastering Financial Landscapes: Explore our depth of knowledge in banking and finance, setting a course for prosperity

Banking and financial consultancy covers every aspect of the activity of banks and financial institutions. We help clients comply with banking legislation governing transactions in both the local and global economy. Moreover, we have a long experience in the credit sector in this regard.

Secondly, our strength is in the credit sector helping banks ensure that all loan applications and the documents required for each are in line with business requirements.

We are very proud of our portfolio in this sector, helping customers like Raiffeisen Bank, Alpha Bank and other financial institutions.

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Economic Market Policies

Strategizing Trade and Tax: Unveil the art of seamless business transactions and optimal tax practices with our expertise

Our consultants have a long practice in the field of international trade dealing with the full range of issues arising from the trade of goods and services across international borders. Practice includes customs and import compliance, export controls and international business transactions. We also advise our clients on a range of international trade matters, including how to enter new markets.

Our customs and import and export services offer a complete and comprehensive service for experienced and novice importers, from large international companies to family businesses.

We advise our clients on implementation and audit strategies, help them manage the import of goods through the use of effective information and strategies.

Importers and exporters are subject to ever-changing international trade laws and regulations. Our consulting firm is committed to providing the best results-oriented and cost-effective consulting.

Energy & Hydrocarbons

Fuelling a Sustainable Future in Energy and Hydrocarbons: Explore our transformative solutions driving innovation and success

Energy is one of the most important and rapidly changing sectors of the industry. The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increasing global demand, security of supply and scarcity of energy resources mean that governments and energy companies globally face some of the most complex and challenging decisions that will affect not only economic prosperity , but also in the long-term health of the environment.


Commercial Entities

Elevating Business Horizons: Discover how our prowess reshapes the landscape for commercial entities

HMA’s organizational sector advises large and small organizations on the establishment, management, meetings of boards of directors and board committees on a range of corporate organization issues, including corporate responsibility, financial aspects and board responsibilities. Our long-term practice in this field with specialists with experience and expertise in a wide range of legal disciplines, including company rules, litigation related to them, etc.

Property & Real Estate

Unlocking Property Potential: Step into a world of real estate expertise where possibilities become realities

Matters related to real estate are generally long and complex processes.

Real estate brokerage is about helping clients manage their rights and responsibilities as landowners and advising on transactions to realize the economic potential of their properties.

Our experts advise on commercial transactions such as purchases and sales, leasing, development, joint ventures, asset management and financing arrangements.

Our clients include property developers, institutional investors, real estate funds, corporations, retailers, utility companies and financial institutions.

International Business Support

Navigating Global Frontiers: Experience our mastery in international trade, guiding you through intricate cross-border landscapes

The consulting firm’s international business support practice advises clients on the right way to do business. In addition, the team advises on the impact of private and public international trade on international commercial transactions.

Our team includes leading practitioners in the field who have studied in London, Paris and The Hague and have experience working for various governments and international organizations.

Administrative Practice

Efficiency in Action: Our administrative practice ensures seamless operations for your success

State regulations have a major impact on companies’ decision-making and are a decisive factor in companies’ strategic planning. Regulatory and enforcement actions by countless Albanian institutions and their agencies can impose significant costs, foreclose promising opportunities, and in some cases threaten the vitality of a company or even an entire industry.

Recognizing the importance of this field and the capabilities of our studio, we are regularly in communication with the government and its agencies to understand and anticipate any policy changes. The exact strategy for addressing government regulatory activity governing a company’s activity will depend. It is essential to note that our partner Mr. Halimi has been a member of the Albanian Parliament for 12 years, as well as Deputy Minister and Minister of Justice.

European Business

Mastering European Business Terrain: Navigate complexities with our expert understanding of European business

Our European Union consulting firm’s practice is a leader in Albania in helping companies, associations and industries operate according to EU rules.

We represent clients in a wide variety of matters. Our trade experts have extensive experience in international and European trade, including trade policy negotiations, EU trade instruments, customs rules, export controls and trade sanctions regimes.

Companies marketing their products and services in Europe face a complex web of European laws and regulations. EU practices are constantly changing, developing and expanding.

Our team includes leading practitioners in the field who have studied in London, Paris and The Hague and have experience working with European Union institutions.

Insurance Sector

Efficiency in Action: Our administrative practice ensures seamless operations for your success

Insurance is the practice of protecting against financial risk; practice and its derivatives require intensive engagement.

Our consultants work on numerous cases related to property damage, fraud, bankruptcy, director’s liability (D&O), energy, environment, construction, finance. employer’s responsibility, etc. We also regularly negotiate insurance policies/contracts on behalf of our clients in order to provide greater coverage and be more suitable for their economic activity.

Media Consulting

Navigating Global Frontiers: Experience our mastery in media consultancy, guiding you through intricate cross-border landscapes

In a world driven by narratives and perceptions, our Media Consulting service stands as your partner in crafting and amplifying impactful stories. With a deep understanding of the media landscape, we provide comprehensive guidance to help you navigate the complexities of communication in today’s fast-paced world.

Our experienced team of media consultants brings a diverse range of expertise, from strategic PR campaigns to crisis management and brand positioning. We work closely with you to identify your unique voice and objectives, tailoring our approach to your goals.

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