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Email: e.halimi@halimimiddleeast.com

Eduard Halimi

Eduard Halimi completed his studies in Law in 1995, worked as a lecturer “full time” at the Scientific Police Academy until 1997 and completed his studies at the School of Magistracy with maximum results in 2000. He then founded the firm “Halimi Law Firm” in 
2001 representing hundreds of companies, clients and personalities of public and political life in Albania. He was chosen as an expert legal expert of all parliamentary investigative commissions from 2002 to 2005. In July of the year 2011, he got appointed Minister of Justice until 2013. He was re-elected twice as an MP, of the DP Parliamentary Group. in 2013 and 2017. 
Mr. Halimi has represented the Albanian state in the Court of Arbitration for the period 2008-2009. In 2018, Mr. Halimi withdrew from active politics, to devote himself to Private International Law in the Balkans in the field of Technology, Banks, energy, oil, etc. He runs “Halimi law and Tax”, and is the founder of the “Halimi Institute” Foundation. He continues to be an external lecturer at the School of Magistrates in the training of judges and prosecutors in the field of private law, administrative and corporate law, gas, oil, banks, fiscal havens, etc. 
From 2021 he is a member of the Executive Board of ICC Albania for the period 2021-2024 

Email: m.haxhiymeri@halimimiddleeast.com

Mario Haxhiymeri


Mario Haxhiymeri is based in the United Arab Emirates since of August 2016. Mr. Haxhiymeri is a qualified solicitor of England and Wales and has practiced M&A in the UK, UAE, KSA and Oman. 
Mr. Haxhiymeri owns and manages several businesses in the United Arab Emirates and the EU. Mr. Haxhiymeri has extensive experience advising clients in the GCC on corporate, banking and technology matters. 
Mr Haxhiymeri graduated from the University of Exeter (2011 – 2015) with a dual qualification programme: LLB LAW (European) Exeter University/Master 1 Droit des Affaires Rennes 1 and successfully completed his legal practice course before BPP LAW SCHOOL LONDON(2015). – 2016) Legal Practice LLM (Lawyers) with recommendation.

email: a.ahmetaj@halimimiddleeast.com

Arlind Ahmetaj

Mr. Ahmetaj concluded his high school studies at SHAPE American High School where he graduated with a Golded Medal from the then President of America Barack Obama. He then finalized his Bachelor of Law at the University of The Hague in International and European Law, where he graduated with excellent results. Mr. Ahmetaj furthermore, has also completed his Master’s degree at University College London, specializing in Competition Law. At the end of his studies, Mr. Ahmetaj completed an intensive 16-week program in the field of State Reforms (PDIA) near Harvard University. 
He worked for almost two years as a lawyer for the Municipality of Tirana, where he was a  valued member of the Strategic Planning Sector, where he dealt with Public-Private Partnership Agreements, where he helped implement various projects in accordance to the Albanian Legislation. Before this engagement, he was a member of the legal team in the “Stanisic & Zupljanin” case of the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, as well as a member of the Helsinki Committee in Holland, where he has assisted in various humanitarian projects, mainly with detention centers. of young people in the Balkan region. 
Finally, Mr. Ahmetaj has joined the team of Rokas International, where he is mainly involved with issues in the Hydrocarbons Sector, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Competition Law, International and European Law, etc.

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