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“Decades of Mastery: Benefit from our extensive experience honed over the years.”

Halimi Middle East (HMA) stands as a distinguished consulting giant. Its first office was established in Albania and it has managed to have a widespread network of representatives spanning the Balkans.

Now, with a proud presence in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, HMA has consolidated its position as a leading consulting company that spans across borders. Specializing in an array of sectors, including construction, renewable energy, international trade, banking, and finance, HMA takes pride in offering insightful guidance to industry leaders.

As commercial ties between the Balkans, particularly Albania, and the Middle East continue to flourish, HMA is strategically positioned to offer consulting services and forge reliable collaborations for projects beyond their countries of origin.

To learn more about the comprehensive services offered in the Balkans, please visit halimi.al.

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Our dedicated team is here to guide you, and your goals, ensuring you are not alone in your journey to success.

Within our team, you will find a collection of entrepreneurs who have achieved in the complex field of business and former ministers who have carried out policies at the highest levels. Their combined expertise gives a unique and unparalleled perspective to our approach, which is not only innovative, but they also have real-world experience and application

Our range is extended to all economic sectors with a global reach that can help a business in its entirety. With strategy developed in thorough research and well-updated on the latest innovation. In this case,

If you are seeking guidance in established markets or exploring new opportunities, our expertise is the strategic advantage in achieving sustainable development and success.

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Committed to Your Success, Every Step of the Way: Our dedicated team is here to guide, assist, and champion your goals, ensuring you’re never alone on your journey to success

Within our esteemed team, you’ll find a collection of accomplished entrepreneurs who’ve navigated the intricate business landscape and former ministers who’ve shaped policy at the highest levels. Their combined expertise lends a unique and unparalleled perspective to our approach, ensuring that the solutions we offer are not only innovative but also grounded in real-world experience

“Our comprehensive range of support and consulting services spans across all economic sectors, underpinned by a global reach that ensures your business benefits from a well-rounded perspective and strategic insights informed by international dynamics. Whether you’re seeking guidance in established markets or exploring emerging opportunities, our expertise is your strategic advantage in achieving sustainable growth and success

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We offer a wide range of services including strategic business advice, financial planning, and more. Explore our “Services” page here

Absolutely, we cater to businesses of all sizes. Our tailored solutions accommodate the unique challenges faced by startups and small enterprises, helping them thrive.

Client confidentiality is paramount. We have strict protocols in place to protect all confidential information, ensuring your trust and privacy are upheld at all times.

Absolutely, we’re proud of our successful collaborations. You can see our blog section or you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to share relevant references or case studies that showcase our capabilities.

Our team comprises professionals with decades of collective experience in various industries, including successful entrepreneurs and former ministers, providing a wealth of diverse expertise. Have a quick look at their CVs here

Our services have a global reach.

We focus on holistic strategies that foster long-term growth. Our expertise lies in developing sustainable business models that encompass financial success and positive societal impact.

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us via our form  here or visit our “Contact” page, and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and the next steps.

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